As a coaching provider, you want to focus on your client, and ensure they have an outstanding coaching experience. The amount of administrative effort required to track and manage all your coaching can overwhelm you and your staff, leaving less time for the client. Excelerated helps you communicate your professional brand, reduces administrative time, evaluates coaching effectiveness, and ensures you have the information you need at your fingertips.

Security and Reliability

Coach Selection

Eliminate the time consuming task of keeping bios of each of your coaches up to date. Coaches update their information directly, and Excelerated provides you a standard branded professional format to share with clients. Better match participants and coaches by searching the bio database for key criteria specific to each coaching engagement.


Security and Reliability

Program Management

Excelerated gives you the tools to keep track of your coaching practice and ensure coach alignment. Standardize your coaching programs and know instantly where all participants are at any given time. Automate activity scheduling, assessments and evaluations to save valuable time. Professional reports and automated status e-mails keep you, your coaches and clients informed and on-track.


Security and Reliability

Contract Management

Use Excelerated to manage the contract and invoicing process between you and your coaches. Coaches can invoice time and expenses online, so time is directly linked to the contract and coaching activity, eliminating time-consuming reconciliation. You can define approval processes, and even link directly to your internal systems with our API to completely eliminate manual processing.

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