Excelerated has been developed by Cambria Consulting. For 30 years, we have worked to accelerate the development of individuals and teams — from executives to front-line employees — helping them reach higher levels of performance.

We have seen many trends come and go over this time, but we believe that we are at a major turning point in employee development.

  • The knowledge economy has fundamentally changed the relationship between employee and employer. Employee retention and development has become the top strategic issue for CEOs.
  • There is widespread agreement that the traditional performance management approach that has been in place for decades is broken, and major corporations are now looking at new ways of measuring and rewarding employee performance.
  • The use of business coaching has been growing for over 10 years. It has shown that addressing development with an individualized approach, and strong accountability is a very effective way to make behavior change happen.

Organizations commonly say that employees are responsible for their own development – but the implied contract between employee and employer to make development possible is that organizations need to provide tools that:

  • Provide clarity on what excellence means specifically for each employee
  • Help employees identify the capabilities they need to develop to achieve excellence
  • Provide access to the people, tools and resources needed to develop those capabilities


Excelerated started life as an employee assessment and development platform. Our clients asked us to develop solutions that covered the missing gaps not covered by traditional HR and talent management software.

Excelerated Assessment has been used to deliver custom self and 360 assessments for our Fortune 100 customers. We have administered assessments to over a million people over the last 15 years.

Excelerated Development grew out of the need to provide employees simple next steps after receiving development feedback so the data doesn’t just sit in a filing cabinet for the next year. They need to identify a few clear priorities for development, access a shortlist of the best available resources, make a decision and get started.

Excelerated Coaching (previously Coaching Director) was initially a solution for Cambria to manage its worldwide network of Executive Coaches. Our clients soon saw the value of a system to manage all their coaching, including internal coaches, individual subcontractors and coaching firms. This led to a partnership between Cambria and Wachovia Bank to develop this into a commercial product, which now targets corporations, large global coaching providers, small coaching firms and individual coaches.

We have combined all these elements into a single product that allows organizations, coaches, and providers of training and development to deliver a wide range of development programs – while the employee has a single clear view of their development.

Join us on our journey to help employees identify where they need to develop, and provide access to the people, tools and resources they need to get there.

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