Excelerated supports leadership development by leveraging the power of individualized learning to meet current and emerging leadership challenges. It gives leaders the ability to set meaningful development goals to meet those challenges and access the people and resources needed to meet those goals. It gives your organization the ability to track each leader’s development progress and evaluate the business impact of leadership development.

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Security and Reliability

Monitor Each Leader’s Development

Maintain a clear concise action plan for each leader in your organization. Identify areas for development either with our leadership assessment instruments, or upload other feedback reports. Share and collaborate on the plan with a coach or mentor. Add administrator and coach notes for easy reference. Provide development suggestions and readings on leadership competencies with our resource library.


Security and Reliability

Manage Leadership Development Programs

Use Excelerated to manage cohorts of employees in leadership development programs. Provide access to a shared portal for each cohort where you can share documents and push out announcements. Add optional individual coaching workspaces where you can store assessments and background materials for program administrators, coaches and participants. Set up activity templates with pre-and post- workshop activities and e-mail reminders to make the learning stick.


Security and Reliability

Manage Coaching Programs

Consolidate all your coaching information and activities in one place to eliminate wasted administrative time, provide accurate budget and time summaries for your stakeholders, and keep your employees and coaches on track.

Manage networks of coaches and source them into coaching engagements. Group your coaching engagements into programs and track progress by milestones and activities. Define and manage your budget and time for each engagement. Access dashboards, reports, and e-mail digests keep you up to date on everything that’s going on and highlight areas that need attention.


Security and Reliability

Launch and Debrief 360-degree Assessments

Configure and administer your 360-degree assessment online. Provide an online resource guide tied to the competencies being assessed. Provide an “at a glance” summary for employees of the critical responsibilities, challenges and competencies required in their role with our Role Profiler. If you are providing debrief coaching, include your coaches in the process, give them online access to program materials, and provide an online workspace for your coaching clients for scheduling debrief sessions and follow-up activities.


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